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Leading With Our CLEAR Values

James R. Thornton, CSP, CIH, FASSP, FAIHA, 2023-24 ASSP President and ASSP Foundation Chair
Feb 01, 2024

Jim ThorntonOur new strategic plan incorporates these five values:

  • Community: We provide a welcoming and collaborative environment that creates belonging and inclusivity for all.
  • Leadership: We exemplify integrity and empower others.
  • Excellence: We strive always to deliver our best.
  • Accountability: We are ethical, reliable and trustworthy in all we do.
  • Respect: We act with humility, listen to others and foster strong working relationships.
  • Together, they form the acronym CLEAR, which can help us easily recall and readily share them with other stakeholders across the ASSP ecosystem. Let's take a closer look at each.


    Creating a sense of belonging is fundamental to helping others learn, grow and contribute. By providing a welcoming and collaborative environment during our events, meetings and interactions of all kinds, we ensure that everyone, regardless of background or identity, feels included and valued. Inclusivity drives innovation and creativity, and enables us to learn from each other and raise the bar in the OSH profession. Our goal is to create and foster a vibrant network where you can engage, share insights, learn from each other, and contribute to the continued growth and recognition of our profession.


    As members and volunteer leaders, we are the face and essence of ASSP. When we act with integrity, we build trust and credibility, which are essential elements for a healthy organization and future growth. Through our collaborative and inclusive actions, we also help empower others, which enhances their professional growth and fosters a sense of shared purpose. Through our collective expertise, we are able to influence decisions and drive positive change.


    Striving for excellence in pursuing our mission to be the community that protects people, property, and the environment reflects our responsibility to proactively identify and mitigate risks, and foster a culture of awareness, preparedness and prevention. We do this by developing safety standards based on best practices, advocating for evidence-based regulations, providing technical resources and offering education that empowers everyone to contribute to a safe, strong future.

    Our pursuit of excellence also reflects our commitment to continuous improvement. By expecting ourselves and others to deliver our best, we foster a culture of learning and innovation. This approach positions ASSP as a trusted source and helps us deliver the highest quality learning, engagement and advocacy. Through these efforts, we support and empower our members to guide their organizations so they excel well beyond compliance.


    Our mission to be the community that protects people, property and the environment also signals our commitment to ethical practice in all we do. Being ethical, reliable and trustworthy in our actions—within ASSP, our communities and our employer organizations—builds a foundation of credibility and integrity for us as individuals and for our profession as a whole. When we operate with authenticity and transparency, we create trust among stakeholders. We must strive to uphold these principles in all we do, and we must hold each other accountable for doing so as well.


    Respect is the foundation of positive and collaborative relationships within any organization or workplace. Acting with humility and actively listening to others' perspectives creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and fosters trust. Strong working relationships enhance teamwork, improve communication and accelerate overall organizational advancement.

    As members of ASSP and this great profession, living and leading with our CLEAR values demonstrates our commitment to each other, our work and ourselves.

    Mark Nichols

    A list of attributes. Not a strategic plan. A strategic plan would need to be based upon a realistic assessment of organizational  strengths and weaknesses, which then would create the foundation for an action plan, constructed  in the form of SMART goals. Meaning: Specific, Measurable,  Actionable, Relevant, and Time-Based.


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