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Optimizing Contractor Safety Management

Aug 09, 2023

Sponsored by Avetta


Gain practical guidance on the challenges related to contractor safety management. Avetta’s experts will provide a framework for evaluating your organization's current state and discuss strategies to drive improvement. Explore the need to enhance risk controls and decision-making in various business functions, including procurement, finance, insurance, cybersecurity, and environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG). Learn how to strengthen your company’s safety management systems by comparing current practices, identifying limitations and opportunities, and examining research data.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain deeper understanding of the shortcomings of current practices in contractor safety management and discover how risk impacts various business functions.
  • Review cutting-edge research advocating for well-defined strategies and tactics within an effective contractor safety management system.
  • Acquire three powerful strategies you can use to evaluate your organization's current state, elevate expectations and align workforce management systems to achieve superior outcomes.

Scott DeBow, Principal of Health, Safety and Environment, Avetta
Scott DeBow, is the principal of health, safety and environment at Avetta, a leading provider of supply chain risk management software. With more than 19 years of progressive leadership in risk management and occupational safety, DeBow aligns people, teams and industry resources within the joint-employer community, emphasizing critical risk mitigation, particularly serious injuries and fatalities. His unique perspective as a safety professional in nontraditional work settings drives his focus on system improvements for safer environments and his belief in the transformative power of safety leadership.

Muhammad Tipu

The information provided was up to date and was very relevant to meet the objective of Contractor Safety Management.




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