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Safety News You Need: OSHA Outlook

Jun 03, 2021

This week’s link roundup includes news on the FY 2022 federal budget and what itU.S. Capitol Dome would mean for employers; new membership on the Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health; proposed OSHA rulemaking on preventing airborne infectious diseases; and new training requirements for temporary workers. You’ll also find information on options for incentivizing employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine; improving psychological safety in the workplace; and steps to preventing worker fatigue.

  • President Biden has submitted a FY 2022 budget to Congress. Learn what this budget would mean for OSHA and employers. Read more
  • The Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health is welcoming 15 new members to support the Assistant Secretary of Labor on occupational safety and health in construction. Read more
  • OSHA plans to draft a rule that would require employers to protect workers from all airborne infectious diseases. Read more
  • The state of Washington now requires staffing agencies and employers to provide temporary employees training on workplace safety and health hazards. Read more
  • Looking to incentivize your employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine? Here are your options per EEOC guidance. Read more
  • Celebrating errors may sound like a strange way to create a safer workplace, but it can actually improve psychological safety. Learn how. Read more
  • Fatigue negatively impacts worker health and productivity. Learn steps you can take to prevent fatigue in your workplace. Read more


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