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Safety News You Need: Reports and Regulations

May 06, 2021

This week’s link roundup includes updated OSHA guidance for beryllium standards; aBusinesswoman sitting at a desk report on workplace injuries and fatalities; news on the Department of Labor and gig workers; tips for addressing worker psychological safety; and guidance on safety measures for hybrid workplaces. You’ll also find information on a study about the link between night shift work and cancer risk; a report on the effectiveness of rapid antigen testing in reducing the spread of COVID-19 in high-risk workplaces; and a study of healthcare access for essential workers.

  • OSHA has issued new interim guidance covering provisions in the two final rules for beryllium issued in 2020. These final rules apply to general industry, and construction and shipyards. Read more
  • The AFL-CIO has produced the 2021 edition of its report on the state of safety and health protections for American workers. The report includes national and state data on workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses. Read more
  • U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh has voiced support for classifying many gig workers as “employees” who deserve work benefits. Walsh also says the agency plans to talk with employers of gig workers to make sure those workers have access to those benefits. Read more
  • Hybrid workplaces will remain the new normal for many organizations even after the pandemic ends. These safety measures address factors inside and outside the office that your organization should consider when adopting a hybrid model. Read more
  • Employee mental health and well-being have been a focus during the pandemic. Learn how you can help address the psychological safety of your employees — in the workplace and in life. Read more
  • A recent National Toxicology Program Report examines the relationship between night shift work and cancer risk. The report states there is “high confidence” that persistent night shift work that disrupts circadian rhythms can cause human cancer. Read more
  • An EU-OSHA/ECDC study has found that rapid antigen testing can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in high-risk indoor workplaces when used in combination with other safety and health measures. Read more
  • A recent NIOSH study examined differences in access to healthcare services among essential workers. The study found that several occupations have less access to services compared to other workers, which may hinder their ability to address health conditions. Read more


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