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Safety News You Need: Rules and Regulations

May 27, 2021

Our link roundup this week includes proposed updates to OSHA’s walking-Businesswoman looking a papers working surfaces standard; guidance on developing workplace masking policies; a reversal from OSHA on recording adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines; and a survey on the impact of voluntary consensus standards. You’ll also find information on supporting the mental health of front-line healthcare workers; a delay in the readoption of the Cal/OSHA COVID-19 emergency temporary standards; and how artificial intelligence can help improve workplace safety.

  • OSHA is proposing updates to clarify handrail and stair rail system requirements for its general industry, walking-working surfaces standard. Read more
  • CDC’s new guidance on masking leaves employers three options for worker masking policies. Here’s what you need to know. Read more
  • OSHA is reversing its ruling requiring employers who mandate COVID-19 vaccines to record adverse reactions. Read more
  • The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is conducting a survey to gather information on methods or guidance materials used to measure the impact of voluntary consensus standards on safety and health. ANSI has requested responses by June 7. Read more
  • Front-line healthcare workers have faced increasing pressure and burnout during the pandemic. Here are four ways you can support them. Read more
  • Cal/OSHA is delaying readoption of its COVID-19 emergency temporary standards pending further proposed revisions based on CDC mask guidance. Read more
  • Artificial intelligence continues to play a major role in our lives. NIOSH examines the impact it will have on the future of work. Read more



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