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Safety News You Need: The World of Work

Jul 01, 2021

Our link roundup this week includes a framework for improving safety and health in theBusinesswomen meeting in an office changing world of work; steps for creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce; a resource for measuring worker well-being; and tips for utilizing the strengths of every generation of workers. You’ll also learn about a call for improvements to chemical safety standards; the use of wearable technology in warehouses; and the hazards of working in extreme heat.

  • The European Union has adopted a strategic framework on safety and health at work. It identifies three key objectives. Read more
  • Are your LGBTQ team members able to bring their talents and full selves to work? These steps could help strengthen your diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and improve safety. Read more
  • A new NIOSH tool offers employers a way to assess worker well-being. Read more
  • Each generation has something unique to teach others. Here are a few ways to foster leadership and mentorship. Read more
  • Former OSHA Director David Michaels is calling for improvements to ensure that chemical manufacturing processes and products are safe. Read more
  • Warehouses are using wearable technology to reduce the pains and strains associated with heavy lifting. Read more
  • Extreme heat is hazardous for all workers, but certain populations are disproportionately affected. Read more




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