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Safety News You Need: Safety Training

Apr 10, 2020

People filling in for coworkers out due to COVID-19 may be performingMan wearing headphones watching online training unfamiliar tasks while many others are working remotely, some for the first time.

To meet the challenges presented by these changing work arrangements, safety professionals must use the latest training tools to keep workers safe. This edition of Safety News You Need shares resources that can help you keep your workers up-to-date.

  • COVID-19 is compelling employers to update their training programs to address a wide range of circumstances and scenarios. These six steps can help you adapt your safety training program to this rapidly changing environment. Learn more
  • Cross-training workers to perform different tasks can help ensure business continuity, especially during when large numbers of employees are out due to sickness or are working remotely to maintain recommended social distancing. These eight tips can help you strengthen your safety and health training. Read more
  • In situations where in-person training is not possible, several online tools and resources can help you teach your workers best practices. OSHA’s online training library offers videos, publications and interactive web-based training on a wide variety of safety and health topics. Learn more
  • With so many workers operating remotely during this crisis, they need to understand the importance of proper ergonomics. These tips can help workers set up an ergonomically sound workstation that can help reduce the risk of injury. Read more



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