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Safety News You Need: Workplace Sanitation

May 08, 2020

Creating cleaner workplaces is essential toWorker cleaning and disinfecting a desk preventing worker exposure to viruses like COVID-19. This week’s Safety News You Need offers tips for cleaning and disinfecting your workspaces, while taking steps to protect your workers’ health in the process.

  • To effectively prevent exposure to COVID-19, many employers are implementing more extensive cleaning and disinfecting protocols than they have used in the past. If you know or suspect that an exposure has occurred in your workplace, you should follow certain steps in response. Learn more
  • Cleaning and disinfecting your workplace can mean different actions for different areas and materials. This step-by-step process can help you make sure all workspaces and materials are cleaned and disinfected properly. Read more
  • Although their use leads to cleaner workspaces, cleaning chemicals can be harmful to workers’ health. Learn about the risks associated with certain cleaning products and how you can make safer choices for your workforce. Read more
  • Your workers also should follow several best practices when using or handling cleaning products. These easy-to-share these tips can help your cleaning staff avoid hazards. Learn more



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