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Safety News You Need: Inspections and Protections

Jul 08, 2021

This week’s link roundup includes OSHA’s inspection guidelines for its COVID-19Engineer inspecting a job site emergency temporary healthcare standard; a NIOSH campaign to improve PPE access for at-risk workers; a ruling from the FDA on respirators and decontamination systems; and news on the changing role of technology in the workplace. You’ll also learn about Oregon emergency rules for protecting workers in the heat; the challenges of a hybrid work model; and a study on the view of mental health in the workplace.

  • OSHA has issued inspection guidelines under its emergency temporary standard for COVID-19 prevention in healthcare facilities. Read more
  • NIOSH is seeking information on underserved PPE users, defined as those who experience limited availability, acceptability or knowledge of PPE. Read more
  • The FDA has revoked emergency use authorization for certain respirators and decontamination systems. Read more
  • As more and more workers return to the job site, technology continues to offer ways to help them stay safe and healthy. Read more
  • Oregon OSHA has enacted emergency rules to protect workers from extreme heat. Read more
  • More than half of American workers prefer a hybrid work model. These four steps can help meet the needs of people operating in any environment. Read more
  • A recent study found that 70% of U.S. employers feel mental health is a significant workplace issue. Read more




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