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Safety News You Need: Research and Technology

May 13, 2021

Our link roundup this week includes a milestone for occupational safety and healthBusinesswoman looking at a computer research; news on using technology to improve working conditions; insight on what to expect from an OSHA COVID-19 inspection; and proposed changes to the Cal/OSHA COVID-19 emergency temporary standards. You’ll also find information on legislation for protecting workers from airbone diseases; a campaign to improve the safety and health for healthcare workers; and steps you can take to address workplace bullying.

  • The National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Review the accomplishments of NORA councils and get insight on the future of safety and health research. Read more
  • Technological innovations continue to advance employee safety and health. The Forbes Tech Council examines how you can use technology and the data it generates to improve safety at your workplace. Read more
  • As part of a directive under its national emphasis program to reduce coronavirus exposure in the workplace, OSHA plans to conduct targeted inspections. Learn what to expect and steps your organization can take to prepare. Read more
  • Cal/OSHA has submitted proposed revisions to its COVID-19 emergency temporary standards. The revisions update several definitions and create new training and physical distancing requirements. Read more
  • The New York Health and Essential Rights Act is now law. It requires employers to implement safety and health standards to protect workers from airborne infectious diseases. Read more
  • The CEO Coalition has signed a declaration of principles to establish standards to protect the physical, psychological and emotional safety of healthcare workers. Read more
  • Workplace bullying affects the overall well-being of employees and your organization’s culture. Take these seven steps to combat bullying and create a healthier work environment. Read more



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