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The "I" in "team": Inspections as a team sport

May 19, 2022

Sponsored by Fulcrum


Sponsored by Fulcrum. High-performing teams need clearly defined goals, roles and responsibilities. They also need effective measurement and communication to drive continuous improvement. Join us to gain practical guidance on how to pull everyone together to reduce time lost to shutdowns, create efficiencies and ensure safer workplaces that will ultimately enhance your organization’s reputation.

What you will Learn

  • Define the distinctive characteristics of high-performing teams
  • Build a better understanding of the support needed for safety inspections at scale
  • Discuss ways to leverage data and metrics to continuously improve performance and outcomes
  • Analyze ways to communicate more effectively among and with team leaders, members and other stakeholders

Jake Freivald, Vice President, Product Marketing, Fulcrum
jake_freivald data-displaymode=Jake Freivald's 25-year career in software has covered many technology specializations, with a focus on data management and analytics. He places particular emphasis on the need for clear business communication about technology and on helping business leaders understand the practical requirements of modernization. Freivald has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.


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