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What’s Well-Being Got To Do With It? A Holistic Look at Total Worker Safety

Sep 21, 2022

Sponsored by DEKRA


Sponsored by DEKRA. The term well-being is everywhere today — at the grocery store, in the news and particularly in the workplace. But what is well-being, really? And why is it important for safety professionals? Well-being and safety are inextricably linked in the workplace. Issues such as stress, anxiety and fatigue directly impact a worker’s ability to safely perform a job, control exposures and avoid injury. Gain practical guidance on how to identify and address worker well-being and overcome barriers to change. Take away practical guidance on effective ways to strengthen your team by improving physical, psychological and social well-being in your workplace.

What you Will Learn

  • Explain the connection between safety and worker well-being
  • Discuss organization barriers when addressing well-being
  • Review seven key principles to guide your approach to worker well-being
  • Place your organization on the well-being continuum and identify ways to improve
  • Discuss the benefits of a well workforce

Rajni Walia, Ph.D., vice president, DEKRA
Rajni WaliaRajni Walia is a senior leader specializing in human performance reliability and serious injury and fatality prevention. She and her teams are responsible for providing leading-edge solutions that incorporate applied behavior and neuroscience principles to help organizations perform safely, reduce serious injuries and foster greater human performance reliability. Walia advocates for identifying needs and solutions founded in scientific research to reduce the likelihood of human performance errors that can negatively impact the worker safety and health.

James Grant, vice president, DEKRA
James Grant supports some of DEKRA’s largest clients. For more than three decades, Grant has helped multinational organizations in the energy, transportation and government sectors develop safety strategies and achieve world-class safety cultures. Grant’s initiatives have transformed cultures and resulted in significant reduction of injuries as well as improved labor-management relations by uniting and aligning personnel through common safety vision and actions.


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