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Listen to ASSP President Diana Stegall on The WAM Podcast

Sep 01, 2019

ASSP has partnered with The WAM Podcast on a new six-episode series about the impacts of gender on workplace safety and health. In the episode, "Challenging Assumptions in the Workplace," host and ASSP CEO Jennifer McNelly chats with ASSP President Diana Stegall.

Stegall shares her thoughts on the assumptions in the workplace, especially as it pertains to gender roles. She also discusses biases that women are often confronted with and how companies can create a more inclusive, diverse work environment.

"As human beings, we look for people who are like us," says Stegall. "And it's not right or wrong, it's just that we need acknowledge that it is our default, and we have to get beyond that if we're truly going to have a diverse and inclusive society."

Listen to the podcast.

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