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Member Chris Malicki Talks Safety on Local TV Program

Feb 01, 2020

ASSP’s Chris Malicki, San Diego Chapter Treasurer, appeared on Good Morning San Diego KUSI-TV News to explain the importance of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in workplaces. "We've identified sudden cardiac arrest as a major killer of people in this country whether at work or at play," says Malicki. He and Rob Hoadley, a workplace cardiac event survivor, encouraged viewers to check whether AEDs in their workplaces are accessible and in working order. They demonstrated how to use AED technology and perform CPR.

Last month, ASSP’s San Diego Chapter president Steve Workman appeared on the show to discuss ladder safety. When our members share safety concepts with larger audiences, it helps to spread the message of injury and fatality prevention. How is your chapter getting involved? Send us an e-mail about your chapter's work.

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