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Carmen Julia Castellon

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"Safety is not an easy task, but it comes with a lot of rewards because of the fact that you're helping people go back home safe to their families."

Carmen Julia Castellon - Safety Specialist | Public Sector, Municipality

Carmen Castellon

What does it mean to you to be a safety professional?

It means to be patient, and to have passion at the same time. Safety is not an easy task, but at the end of the year it comes with a lot of rewards, because of the fact that you're helping people go back home safe to their families.


What led you to a career in safety?

I was offered a safety position in an iron foundry as a safety engineer. Suddenly, safety was part of my job description, and I needed to adapt immediately to the new environment and the people, the processes and the employees. That job helped cement my foundation for safety and my passion to help employees and train them.

What's been your experience at ASSP's annual conference?

The first time I participated in the ASSP conference two years ago was an eye-opening experience. The fact that I was surrounded by safety professionals from different backgrounds, the fact that we could share similar experiences, helped me understand better what my goal in safety was. After that experience, I started volunteering with the committees, the local chapters and the practice specialties and from then on the experience has been just positive.

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