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Linda Rhodes, CSP

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"It is not about personal gratification, it's not about short-term wins, it's about doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do."

Linda Rhodes, CSP - Manager, Energy Efficiency | ComEd, an Exelon Company

Linda Rhodes

What led you to a career in safety?

I was an industrial hygienist and an engineer when I graduated from college, and I had a job in the state of Ohio and we went around to different organizations and schools. Well, I went to a school and virtually the whole school was getting sick, and they did not know why. And long story short, there was an air quality issue that I was able to identify for them, that once I pointed it out and made recommendations about how to make adjustments, everybody was fine. As a young person coming out of college, not quite knowing what this career even meant, it meant everything to me that I was able to make a decision or provide some feedback to an organization that stopped people from getting sick. So I was hooked after that.


How has ASSP helped you as a safety professional?

ASSP has helped me as a safety professional by being the constant in my career. I've had some very awesome jobs in different companies, across my 30-plus year career. I've had different positions within those companies, but the constant for me, professionally, has been ASSP. It has provided significant professional development for me. Allowed me to do a lot of things that I might not have, at that time, been in a position to do at my various companies, in my various roles. From giving presentations, to managing people, to managing finances. So, it's been a tremendous opportunity for me to get professional development, and it's also introduced me to this community of safety professionals across the globe that is part of my community to this day, that continues to grow.

What's been your experience with ASSP common interest groups?

My experience with women in safety excellence, for example, I served as a mentor in that organization. And then my experience with blacks and safety excellence, I served as a mentor as well, and also now chair the mentoring committee. So being part of these two interest groups whose mission includes helping people be better and allowing them to go out into their organizations and help their organizations be better, it's very rewarding for me.


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