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We share the latest news on occupational safety and health legislation and regulation as well as updates on our member-driven initiatives to ensure that safety professionals are part of the conversation.

Government Affairs News

  • Tired dock worker wiping sweat from forehead

    OSHA Initiates Rulemaking on Heat Stress

    Oct 26, 2021
    OSHA will publish an advance notice of rulemaking related to heat injury and illness prevention on Wednesday, Oct. 27.
  • Capitol Building

    ASSP Looks Forward to Working With New Head of OSHA

    Oct 26, 2021
    ASSP is pleased to learn of Monday’s U.S. Senate confirmation of Doug Parker to lead OSHA as the 13th assistant secretary of labor. "This leadership role was unoccupied for too long, and the position is more important than ever," said ASSP President Brad Giles.
  • Capitol Building

    ASSP Forms Policy Statements on Heat Stress and Pandemic

    Oct 14, 2021
    ASSP developed new policy statements on anticipated federal standards related to heat stress and COVID-19 as it aims to inform government officials and key stakeholders in improving the regulatory approach to workplace safety and health.
  • Closeup of man

    This Is Why OSHA’s No. 1 Violation Never Changes

    Oct 13, 2021
    Fall protection has been No. 1 on OSHA’s top 10 list of violations since 2011. Why is that and how should you respond? Expert Thom Kramer, P.E., CSP, explains.
  • Expo at Safety 2021 in Austin

    Safety 2021 Doubles Last Year’s Conference Attendance

    Oct 06, 2021
    ASSP's signature event celebrated its 60th year in a big way as attendance doubled from its virtual conference in 2020. Safety 2021 was a hybrid experience for the first time and welcomed 4,993 registered attendees in person and online.

Technical Comments on Issues Affecting Workplace Safety

ASSP regularly responds to requests from federal agencies seeking public comments on matters affecting workplace safety and the occupational safety and health profession. ASSP submits these comments as part of the public record.

  • OSHA | Leading Indicators | July 2023
  • OSHA | Voluntary Protection Programs | April 2023
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  • DOT | Improving Road Safety | April 2023
  • FRA | Training for Safety-Related Railroad Employees | Nov. 2022
  • FAA | Minimum Seat Dimensions | Sept. 2022
  • AIHA | ASSP Supports Blood Lead Level Comment | Sept. 2022
  • CPSC | Debris Penetration Hazards | Aug. 2022
  • USACE | Safety and Health Requirements Manual | June 2022
  • OSHA | Recordkeeping | May 2022
  • FAA | Safety Management Systems | April 2022
  • OSHA | Powered Industrial Trucks | April 2022
  • OSHA | COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard | Dec. 2021
  • NIOSH | Healthcare Workers Mental Health | Nov. 2021
  • MSHA | Safety Program for Surface Mobile Equipment | Oct. 2021
  • OSHA | Evaluation of OHMS | Oct. 2021
  • FAA | Safety Management Systems | Aug. 2021
  • Coast Guard | Safety Management Systems | April 2021


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