Community Annual Management and Planning Tool


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Use this tool to help your community plan annual activities, track performance, and share your successes and challenges with the Society.

ASSP common interest group and practice specialty communities

provide accessible, virtual opportunities for members to become better safety professionals and build inclusive safety cultures. We encourage every virtual community to use their Community Annual Management and Planning Tool (CAMPT) year-round for both planning and tracking purposes. Through this tool, you also will upload reports that your community is required to submit throughout the year.

To facilitate planning and best evaluate performance, each community must complete and submit the entire CAMPT by June 30.    

Learn more about the 2020-21 Community Annual Management and Planning Tool in our FAQ

2020-2021 CAMPT Adjustments

Due to Safety 2021’s shift to a hybrid experience in September, there have been some adjustments made to the 2020-2021 CAMPT elements that refer to the “annual professional development conference” in the Member Engagement and Council Representation sections.

CAMPT Update: Question 4 Clarification Question 4 of the 2020-2021 Community Annual Management and Planning Tool (CAMPT) has a misprint. It is asking communities to “Upload” a Management and Planning Report. You do not need to upload a document. Once the finalized CAMPT is submitted, it becomes your Management and Planning report. The “Submit” button will be added at the end of your community CAMPT sometime in June.

Once the “submit” button is available, and the community has completed their CAMPT, make sure the check-box on Question 4 is checked to confirm that you have “uploaded” your report, and then you will be able to submit it. The box on question 4 must be checked to get the points associated with completing the CAMPT. If you have any questions please contact the Communities team.

Accessing the Tool

Each common interest group and practice specialty has a custom and individualized hyperlink to the tool. Community leaders will receive their custom link via email. If you are having trouble locating or using your link, please contact the ASSP Communities Team for support.

Custom links will become available during the third full week of July.  

The Purpose of This Tool

CAMPT serves three primary purposes:

  • Community Planning. CAMPT focuses on the items that are considered most important to a successful year of providing outstanding value to members. Items on the list are ideas for serving members that you can use throughout the year. The following documents are designed to aid your planning efforts.
  • Community Feedback. By submitting your CAMPT by June 30, you will give ASSP valuable information about your community’s operations. We can use this information to provide additional support to common interest groups and practice specialties, as well as to identify outstanding communities so we can share best practices. In addition, each community must upload the following required reports via CAMPT throughout the year.
  • Community Recognition. CAMPT is the primary recordkeeping mechanism for ASSP’s common interest group and practice specialty recognition program, which celebrates our communities’ outstanding achievements each year. The tool has three tiers of points, weighted toward the activities that best support your community’s ability to meet operating procedures requirements as you serve members. Find more details below.

Share your CAMPT feedback

Common Interest Group and Practice Specialty Recognition Program

After submitting the CAMPT, you will receive recognition for your community’s achievements. Your community must meet all operating procedures requirements to qualify for any recognition level, regardless of the number of points shown in your CAMPT.

The 2020 – 21 recognition points model is as follows:

  • Bronze Level:690 – 799
  • SilverLevel:800 – 899
  • Gold Level:900 and above

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