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A Message From ASSP's Executive Director

Sep 21, 2018

Jennifer McNellyI need your help!

As you settle into your college routine this semester, I have a favor to ask. As many of you might be aware, I joined ASSP last month as the new executive director. Unlike some of the directors before me, I do not have a safety background so I, too, am going “back to school” in a way. I have spent the past month learning from our members what is important to them as they lead the safety profession forward. I am reaching out to you and asking the same.

You are the future of our Society and hearing from you is important, so I ask that you share your feedback. For those engaged on LinkedIn (Jennifer McNelly) or Twitter (@JMcNellyMFG), please send an invite to connect and provide your thoughts and ideas. I look forward to listening and learning from you.

My commitment to you is that I will continue to engage, starting with joining some of you at the Future Safety Leaders Conference in November.

I also encourage you to put forward lessons learned or ideas and articles you think will help me advance my understanding of the safety profession and your personal journey as a future leader. Thank you!


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