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The Case for Safety Podcast features conversations with safety experts sharing their ideas and insights you can use to help your organization improve worker safety and health.

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    Episode 31: Self-Retracting Devices: The Fall Protection Lifeline

    Dec 09, 2019
    Dan Henn of the Z359.14 Subcommittee explains the role of self-retracting devices in fall protection and best practices for using them to protect workers at height.
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    Episode 30: E-Learning in Safety, Health and Environmental Training

    Nov 18, 2019
    Jeff Dalto of the Z490.2 Subcommittee discusses how to use e-learning as a tool to improve your safety, health and environmental training to make training stick with your workers.
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    Episode 29: Safety, Health and Environmental Training

    Nov 04, 2019
    Jeff Dalto of the Z490 Committee shares best practices for training your workers on how to operate safely to protect themselves, their coworkers, the environment and the public.
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    Episode 28: Confined Space Safety

    Oct 21, 2019
    Terry Ketchum of the ANSI/ASSP Z117 Committee reviews the proper steps for entering, operating in and exiting confined spaces, as well as how to develop a confined space rescue plan.
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    Episode 27: ANSI/ASSP Z10 Update

    Oct 07, 2019
    Jim Howe of the ANSI/ASSP Z10 Committee shares the latest updates to the ANSI/ASSP Z10 standard and how this latest revision can help you improve your safety and health management system.
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    Episode 26: Fleet Safety: Partially and Fully Automated Motor Vehicles

    Sep 23, 2019
    Stephanie Pratt of the Z15.3 Subcommittee discusses how automation is changing the world of motor vehicle fleets, and what these technological advancements mean for fleet safety.
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    Episode 25: ISO 31000

    Sep 09, 2019
    Carrie Frandsen of U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO/TC262 shares how the ISO 31000 standard can help you improve risk assessment and risk management at your organization.
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    Episode 24: Scaffolding Safety

    Aug 19, 2019
    Dale Lindemer of the ANSI/ASSP A10.8 Subcommittee discusses the safe construction, assembly and disassembly of scaffolding on construction and demolition sites.
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    Episode 23: The Fall Protection Code

    Aug 05, 2019
    Thom Kramer of the ANSI/ASSP Z359 Committee discusses the Fall Protection Code and how you can use it to develop a comprehensive fall protection program and keep workers safe while operating at height.
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    Episode 22: Do's and Don'ts of Digger Derrick Safety

    Jul 15, 2019
    John Brewington of the ANSI/ASSP A10 Committee shares tips on the proper use of digger derricks on construction sites to keep workers, equipment, utilities and the public safe.


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