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We share the latest news on occupational safety and health legislation and regulation as well as updates on our member-driven initiatives to ensure that safety professionals are part of the conversation.

Government Affairs News

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    ASSP Appoints Members of DEI Task Force

    Nov 18, 2020
    ASSP has formed a board-level task force to improve diversity, equity and inclusion within the Society and throughout the occupational safety and health profession. The 14-member advisory group gathered for the first time on Nov. 18.
  • Podcast

    ASSP Enhances Its Popular Safety Podcast

    Nov 16, 2020
    ASSP has posted the 50th episode of its popular safety podcast series, which has been renamed and enhanced to include a broader range of OSH topics. In its November installment, “The Case for Safety” discusses key workplace factors that can lead to suicide.
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    OSHA Issues Guidance on COVID-19 Related Inspections

    Nov 11, 2020
    New OSHA guidance provides employers insight into which OSHA standards have been most frequently cited during COVID-19-related inspections.
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    Access 2018 NOIRS Research Papers

    Nov 03, 2020
    A special issue of Journal of Safety Research highlights select work presented at the 2018 National Occupational Injury Research Symposium, which was hosted by NIOSH in partnership with ASSP, BCSP, National Safety Council and other organizations.
  • Working Together 2020

    ASSP and NECA Collaborate on Improving Worker Safety

    Nov 02, 2020
    ASSP and the National Electrical Contractors Association have signed a three-year memorandum of understanding that brings the organizations together to advance workplace safety and health in the electrical construction industry.

Technical Comments on Issues Affecting Workplace Safety

ASSP regularly responds to requests from federal agencies seeking public comments on matters affecting workplace safety and the occupational safety and health profession. ASSP submits these comments as part of the public record.

  • NSSCET | Joint Multi-stakeholder Letter NSSCET Implementation | July 2025
  • OSHA | Replacing Fire Brigades Standard With Emergency Response Standard | June 2024
  • VA | Opposing the Proposed Pay Downgrade for Industrial Hygienists at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs | May 2024
  • ASSP Comments | ASSP Support of Federal Agencies Impacting Occupational Safety and Health | April 2024
  • DOT | Addressing DOT Highway Safety Improvement Program | April 2024
  • FHWA | Federal Highway Administration, Highway Safety Improvement Program | April 2024
  • CPWR | ASSP Support for Continued Federal Funding | Nov. 2023
  • OSHA | ANSI/ASSP Z244 Committee: Hazardous Energy Letter of Interpretation (LOI) Request | Nov. 2023
  • OSHA | ASSP Support of Z244 LOI Request | Nov. 2023
  • OSHA | Leading Indicators | July 2023
  • OSHA | Voluntary Protection Programs | April 2023
  • FAA | Safety Management Systems | April 2023
  • DOT | Improving Road Safety | April 2023
  • FRA | Training for Safety-Related Railroad Employees | Nov. 2022
  • FAA | Minimum Seat Dimensions | Sept. 2022
  • AIHA | ASSP Supports Blood Lead Level Comment | Sept. 2022
  • CPSC | Debris Penetration Hazards | Aug. 2022
  • USACE | Safety and Health Requirements Manual | June 2022
  • OSHA | Recordkeeping | May 2022
  • FAA | Safety Management Systems | April 2022
  • OSHA | Powered Industrial Trucks | April 2022
  • OSHA | COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard | Dec. 2021
  • NIOSH | Healthcare Workers Mental Health | Nov. 2021
  • MSHA | Safety Program for Surface Mobile Equipment | Oct. 2021
  • OSHA | Evaluation of OHMS | Oct. 2021
  • FAA | Safety Management Systems | Aug. 2021
  • Coast Guard | Safety Management Systems | April 2021


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