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OSHA Updates Site-Specific Inspection Program

Dec 16, 2020

OSHA is updating its site-specific targeting directive, which directs agencyInspector in a warehouse resources to establishments with the highest rates of injuries and illness. The directive is the agency’s primary targeting program for non-construction establishments with 20 or more employees. Under the program, OSHA selects establishments for inspection based on injury and illness data employers submitted on Form 300A for calendar years 2017-19.

The new directive replaces Site-Specific Targeting 2016, and includes the following changes:

  • A new target category for establishments reporting consistent injury and illness rates over the three-year data collection period.
  • It allows for records-only inspections when an inspector determines that incorrect data led to an establishment’s inclusion in the program. This will ensure OSHA conducts full inspections only when an employer truly has elevated incidents of injury and illness.

Along with the directive, OSHA also administers national and local emphasis programs to target high-risk hazards and industries.

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