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OSHA – ASSP Construction Safety Webinars

OSHA-ASSP National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction

This webinar recorded, September 17, 2020, aims to increase fall hazard awareness in an effort to stop fall fatalities and injuries. This webinar focuses on the need for comprehensive fall protection management programs within the construction industry.


OSHA-ASSP Leading and Lagging Indicators

This webinar recorded, August 13, 2020, aims to increase awareness of leading indicators as a valuable tool to help improve your safety or health program, regardless of what you have included in your program, or what stage you may be at in your program.


OSHA-ASSP Trench Safety Stand Down

In this webinar recorded, June 18, 2020, during the National Trench Safety Stand Down, OSHA’s Scott Ketcham provides an overview of the National Trench Safety Stand Down, now in its fourth year.


Math Toolbox

Math Toolbox is a regular column in PSJ written by Mitch Rickets, Ph.D., CSP, an associate professor in the Environmental Health and Safety Management program at Northeastern State University. It aims to help occupational safety and health professionals apply STEM principles to everyday safety issues and overcome apprehension about math and science. The series employs various communication strategies to make the learning process easier and more accessible.

January 2020 | The Case of the Overloaded Electrical Circuit
February 2020 | The Case of the Fatal Tank Entry
March 2020 | The Case of the Overfilled Refinery Tower
April 2020 | The Case of the Noisy Workplace
May 2020 | The Case of the Quieter Workplace
June 2020 | The Case of the Overheated Construction Worker
July 2020 | The Case of the Overloaded Sling
August 2020 | Seeing Is Believing: Helping Workers Understand How Load Angles Affect Sling Tension
September 2020 | The Case of the Tipping Forklift
October 2020 | Understanding Levers

If you need a simple and effective way to identify hazards, a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is the way to go. Learn how to create and use your own in five steps.

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Risk control phone surveys are a critical component of risk control services, but they are often overlooked or rushed. These three steps can ensure your surveys are properly researched before you pick up the phone.

This information is for OSH professionals who are based in California or have locations in California but are based elsewhere. California has many safety regulations that are different from those in other states. Start getting ready for your Cal/OSHA inspection in less than three minutes.

This information is for OSH professionals who are based in Minnesota or have locations in Minnesota but are based elsewhere. Minnesota has many safety regulations that are different from those in other states.

Like any new experience, getting started in occupational safety and health can be intimidating. Here are four tips to help OSH professionals succeed.


Construction tailgate meetings set the tone for the entire day or week on a jobsite. They are an important time to connect with workers and discuss ways to be safer on the job. Here are four steps to help you lead a successful construction tailgate meeting.


Hard hats are crucial for head protection and should be inspected every day before starting work. Luckily, the process is as easy as one, two, three.

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President's Message

Read the ASSP president's thoughts on the safety profession.

ISO 45001 Standard

This game-changing standard provides a global foundation for worker safety.